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Some people love listening to the artist explaining the meaning of his work; others don´t, they simply enjoy seeing it and, in some cases, interpreting it in their own way. There are even those who think that providing an explanation for a work of art does not make sense since each person evokes a different emotion when observing it.
It seems to me that one of the great wonders of art is that it has no absolute rules, so in my opinion, both positions are valid.
Up until a few years ago, I thought that it was not worth making statements about my work—that this was, in any case, the work for those who observed it. Recently, however, I have found great satisfaction in spending time describing what I think, feel and express in my work with others. I love to associate images and words.
I find a certain similarity between a visual work of art and a good bottle of wine. Some prefer to taste it alone, while others are interested in understanding how it was created and delve into the flavors and aromas through communication with the winemaker and sommelier. At the end, everyone enjoys wine in their own way.
If you are interested in learning the significance behind my work, you can read it in the following pages. Or, if you simply prefer to leave everything to your imagination, I invite you to browse the images.

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