Mosaics are art by themselves; they have been used throughout history in many ways and in various applications. Since I was a small child, I have been fascinated by the complexity of their designs, the repetition of their patterns and the dynamics they bring to the surfaces where they are applied. They bring me back to my childhood when on family visits to my Portuguese grandparents’ house, we were surrounded by small decorative items covered in mosaics.
Another great influence in my mosaic work has been my enormous admiration for the work of Gustav Klimt. Without being aware of it at first, I began to add some details that incorporated the use of small mosaics into my paintings. At first, it was discreet, but later, it evolved until reaching a point that sometimes an entire surface of work would be saturated in the material. 

From a symbolic point of view, the mosaics represent the enormous complexity in the integration of feelings and thoughts that permanently descend upon us. In contrast, the passive areas of the work refer to the moments of reflection and tranquility so necessary in everyday life.

The mosaics that I use in my work are designed by me; I make them one by one on a tablet. With those mosaics, I put together different collages that I later apply to my works.

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