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Jose Cacho, Contemporary Art, Klimt, Banksy, Women art, Women Power


My work is an inquiry about humanity from the cosmogony of the woman, bearer of life and mystery. She is recognized as a source of knowledge and harmony, perpetuating wisdom and balance.​

The composition of the elements in each painting is charged with symbolism like the images of the resignified woman and the texts - with a high level of difficulty in reading - that allude to the incredible complexity of the human mind. The mosaics inspired by Klimt’s technique represent the integration of thoughts and emotions that create our reality. In contrast, the passive areas of the work allude to the moments of reflection and tranquility necessary to achieve balance in everyday life.​

Various techniques such as resin, collage, transfer, charcoal, inks, acrylic media, pastels, and many others, create a sophisticated and enigmatic visual language.

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