The use of text in art is not new; it has been used in various ways and by various artists for a long time. It can complement the meaning of a work, be used as an aesthetic balance, or make an artist’s topic of interest explicit.

I have always found writing not only a way of expression but a means of explaining myself. For a long time, my interest in writing has paralleled my passion for visual arts.

Often when seeing an image, it becomes words in our minds. Conversely, when we read or listen to something, we create mental images that give meaning to those words.

Although I make intensive use of the text, it appears discreet to the viewer's eyes due to the technique I use. I remove all spaces, accents and punctuations before I prepare a stencil and apply the text in relief in the same color and tone than the rest of the piece. The fact that there are no spaces between the words makes it extremely difficult to read. It is part of the intrigue of each work, hinting at the fantastic complexity of life.

Many artists believe it is not their role to explain the meaning of their work, that it should be delegated to the viewer. This is how I used to think. Recently, however, I have found great satisfaction in spending time defining the meaning of my work and sharing it with others. I do it in part through the application of the text applied to my work.

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